Testimonials "I have twin girls who are big time droolers and I bought a couple of myBibzy bodysuits and they really saved my life! I put one on them in the morning and do not have to worry about changing them all day long!"
Kelly, mother of twins

"I bought a myBibzy for my son who was beginning to use a sippy cup. myBibzy worked great. I didn't have to worry about him getting soaked every time he got thirsty! Thanks!"
Michelle, mother

"I am a home daycare provider and I would recommend myBibzy to all parents and caregivers out there! They provide little ones with freedom to drool and spit up all they want without the discomfort of a bib! They have also made my life less stressful as I do not have to run around putting bibs on everyone!
Julia, day care provider

"I have a drool-a-saurs and I LOVE his myBibzy!If he isnít wearing it, he soaks through his shirts pretty fast!"
Erin, editor, Babyluxe Daily

"I recently gave a myBibzy as a shower gift. It was the hit of the shower with its fanciful colors yet extreme functionality."
Marie, aunt to be

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