About myBibzy was first created in 2007 after the birth of our daughter. Our daughter was a major drooler! We would be constantly changing her bodysuit from wetness as a result of her drool. We were amazed at how she would be soaked at an average of three times a day! She was uncomfortable wearing a bib and often we would forget to put one on her! myBibzy is great because it offers protection from wetness all the time, without the inconvenience of having to remember a bib! With the bib sewn in, there is no risk for strangulation.

The body of the myBibzy is made from 100% cotton 7.5 oz interlock fabric. The bib of the myBibzy is made of two types of materials. The outer layer is 100% cotton knit terry. The terry cloth prevents water and drool from sliding down the bodysuit while providing softness against baby's skin. The waterproof inner layer is Procare fabric, which is 25% polyester, 75% vinyl. The vinyl is not coated with PVC and does not contain phthalates. It is 100% child safe and meets all material safety standards for use in children's apparel. With two layers of protection, your baby will stay completely dry, warm and cozy all day long!

The design of myBibzy with snaps on the shoulder provide a close, protective fit around baby's neck while still allowing the ability to get the garment on and off with ease. There are three crotch snaps for speedy diaper changes. There is a tagless label in the back of the neck on the bodysuit which provides added comfort compared to traditional labels which often itch baby's skin.

myBibzy is made in the USA.

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